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PSS provides superior service at a low-cost to homeowners throughout the North Texas area. It is unique for a security company to not require a long-term contract (some companies are now requiring up to 5 years). Our customers stay with us, not because they have to, but because they want to.

As a family-owned, local company we provide that personal touch that is missing from the large conglomerates. Our customers are a name to us, not a number. We see our customers in the grocery store, at local restaurants, church, etc., thus it is imperative to us that our reputation be above reproach.

PSS will be more than happy to professionally evaluate your home's security needs based on your lifestyle and personal family needs and desires. We never try to "sell" our customers items that are unnecessary. Our systems can be added to as your needs change. The basic system may just have the exterior doors and a motion, while a more elaborate system would include all windows & doors, motion detectors, glass breaks, monitored smoke detectors, leak detection, etc.

Is a security system necessary?
Security systems reduce burglaries. Homes without security systems are about 2-3 times more likely to be broken into than homes with security systems. Regrettably we live in a climate where crime has become a constant concern to homeowners. In addition, the peace of mind that "someone" is watching your home and family 24/7/365 is priceless, yet we do it for just over $.50 per day.

Where do burglars enter a house?

  • 81% of residential intrusions occur through the first floor
  • 34% of burglars entered through the front door
  • 23% through first-floor window
  • 22% through back door

Police believe security systems reduce burglaries...
90% of police believe alarms deter burglary attempts.

Residential fires are expensive and deadly...
About 81% of all U.S. fire deaths occur in the home.
(Ask about a monitored smoke detector)

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