FAQs about our Security Services

  • Can you secure my home or business using my existing security equipment?
    Yes we can indeed use any hardwired door and window contacts, motion detectors, smoke detectors, glass breaks, etc. However, the control panel and key pads must be DSC. In the event that DSC is not your brand, we can replace them for a minimal cost.
  • What brand of security equipment do you use?
    We secure all Texas homes and businesses with DSC (Digital System Control) equipment. DSC is the current industry leader in offering a very reliable and user friendly product.
  • What happens if my system breaks or something isn't working?
    We warranty your equipment for 1 year from date of installation (some equipment may have a longer warranty, each item has a warranty date associated with it).
  • How much is your service call?
    Our service call is just $58.
  • My home just needs a basic security system. What would that include?
    Contacts for all exterior doors, a motion detector, control panel, keypad, backup battery, A/C plug, yard sign, and window stickers.
  • My home needs every room protected. How would you provide that?
    With the proper devices installed, such as glass breaks, motion detectors, and window/door contacts - all rooms will be protected.
  • How are smoke detectors part of my security system?
    Our smoke detectors are integrated into the system. They notify our monitoring station the moment smoke is detected.
  • Can I use my builder-installed smoke detectors?
    Unfortunately no, our smoke detectors are specially designed to work in correlation with your security system. All residential and commercial customers will need our smoke detectors installed.
  • My home does not have a landline phone...
    No problem. This is actually a common situation. We can simply install a Wireless Transmitter.
  • Must I sign a long term contract?
    No! We believe that we should earn your business every month by giving you the best service possible. Our customers stay with us, not because they have to, but because they want to.
  • What types of commercial businesses do you monitor in Texas?
    We monitor light to medium-light commercial. For instance, some of our commercial customers include Schlotzsky's McDonalds, Great Clips, Dry-clean Super Center, dentist and doctor offices.
  • What are your response times in the event of an alarm?
    Our response times are one of the fastest in the industry. Our usual response time is just under 20 seconds. Our customers are continually amazed. However, during "rush hour" our response time could be slightly longer.
  • Do you install security cameras?
    Yes! We have multiple options available, depending on your application and needs.
  • Can I see my cameras from another location?
    Yes our cameras are Internet enabled for easy access via a computer or smartphone from anywhere in anywhere in Texas, even anywhere in the world.
  • Can my security cameras be monitored as well?
    Yes! Charges for monitoring homes and businesses will vary depending on the number of cameras and incidences.
  • Can I arm and disarm my security system from my smartphone?
    Yes! We can install an additional piece of equipment that has that capability.
  • Do you have a referral program?
    Yes, we actually have a very generous, progressive referral program. Our business was built on referrals.

    One FREE Month of Monitoring
    · For referring a new monitored security customer.

    One Year of FREE Monitoring (a value of 217.13) * †
    · Refer three (3) new monitored security customers.

    Lifetime of FREE Monitoring
    · Refer five (5) new monitored security customers. * §

    * Does not include wireless monitoring charges.
    † New customers must remain a monitored customer for a minimum of one year.
    § Must have five (5) active customers at all times to receive free monitoring.